Coralie Carlson

Ice Cream Blogger

Coralie is the founder of, the official guide to ice cream in New York City. She
conceived, designed and built the site, which launched in October 2009. She has personally
reviewed more than 100 ice cream shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The site also
features videos that were shot and edited by Coralie, and an ice cream map of Manhattan.
In July 2010, scooponcones co-sponsored an ice cream crawl with the NYC Food Crawl.
More than 100 people turned out in Chelsea to "crawl" to six neighborhood ice cream stores.
Coralie also helped the Cooking Channel's "United Tastes of America" show scout locations for
an episode on unique ice cream.

Scooponcones has a strong social media following -- join the ice cream social network on
Facebook and Twitter.